Leeeeni writes Poetry for Napowrimo

Write a Poem a Day for the Month of April

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day 24

Cars and gas control our world.
Humans cannot function without cars.
The cost of gas controls our work and school transits,
the cost of our food and our living rooms.
It is always cold without oil,
mainly in January.
How can humans go on?

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day 23

I am Dorothy - the Small and Meek.

I scamper down the road of yellow bricks,
hand and hand with man who looks like he just came out of the fields.
We, my friends and I, are all wanting something:
the ability to love,
the strength to not crack under pressure or fear
the stability of a home life,
These are very practical things to want,
but who knows if we will get them.
For now, we are just going to enjoy our journey,
our journey to various goals,
We continue walking, my red sparkly shoes trudging on the yellow brick road.

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day 22

The plants in this room are not aesthetically pleasing.
They sit in a tank and wait to get watered by their owner, my roommate.
The light to keep them warm is constantly on,
because without this extra sunlight, they would surely die.
The light that keeps the plants alive keeps me up at night,
it fuels my insomnia.
The light is so bright, but it is giving life to the plants,
so I must compromise my sleep and my sanity to keep them alive.
It is but another representation that my needs are expendable.
The needs of others,
no matter how dependent on water and owner’s care,
are always much more important than my own.
My feelings and sleep are not necessary.

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day 21

stressful week
is upon me

many things
that need doing

want to
frolic in the sun

is so
chilly and cloudy

my life
ever come together?

will ever
know or care?

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day 20

I take a seat on the bus,
a middle of the road, a nothing special seat
trying to keep my anxiety ridden head in order
Country music blares through the speakers -
the bus driver must be a country fan.
The twang of the singer’s voice gets on my last nerve.
I hate country.
The singer wales about a long lost love,
his first love,
his fire,
his everything.

Little does the bus driver know,
but his stupid little country song is the narration of my thoughts
I bet the bus driver never knew how it felt to have his heart run over.
I want to jump off the bus right now.
I don’t want to be here,
I don’t want to be anywhere.

The bus rears onward and the sun is shining.
I take a deep breath,
I try with my hardest effort to maintain a smile on my face.
No one on this bus knows how I am feeling.
I’ll just keep rolling on,
as the bus brings me to my destination.

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day 19 

The Victim of Opposite Day

Once you’ve taken the ‘road not taken,’ the adventure gets much more interesting.
Frost implores to take the road less traveled by,
but what does that really mean?

The road is full of twists and turns, but he didn’t tell us that,
in his inspirational, declaratory oratory, you don’t come to understand,
the loneliness,
the confusion,
the misunderstandings.

The road not taken is a bumpy one, but it sure is interesting.
You will meet eccentric people,
and go on so many adventures down this road,
but it is not perfect.

It never will be -
sometimes you wonder if would have been easier,
to just take the road that everyone takes.

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day 18 

These days either I want to sleep all the time or never at all.
Lullabies don’t help me.

The sadness and hopelessness I feel make me want to lay in bed all day,
but the anxiety, angry and pensiveness I feel make it hard to sleep,
even when it’s two am and I know I need to function in the world the next day.

I feel so alone and sleep perpetuates that loneliness.
I swing between extremes;
all the sleep or none.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
I just want to be okay again
I don’t want to feel sad.

Sleeping is difficult these days.
I don’t know if or when I’ll sleep comfortably again.
Maybe I really do need a lullaby.

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day 17 

Dear Desk Chair,

I apologize for my misuse of you.
I haven’t been giving you a lot of attention -
my mind has been elsewhere.

I know I should be sitting in you,
studying to my heart’s content
but honestly, desk chair,
studying the Montogomery Bus Boycott of 1956
has not been at the forefront of my thoughts lately.

When it comes to spare time, desk chair,
I’d rather spend it in Bed,
where I can forget the world for a little while,
as my comfortable blankets and stuffed animals are my only friends.

I apologize for being a neglectful owner as well as student.

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day 16

A blurry, sunrise photograph reminded me of that hot, hazy day and night.
It’s almost a year ago, June the 1st is just around the corner.
My memories are flooding back…

We all sit cross-legged as you strum your guitar,
and we run down to the water and put our feet in the freezing, early morning Atlantic.
Your face is contorted in the darkness of the living sea,
as you go for a short swim.

We watched the sunrise and the pink and red pigments reflect onto the ocean,
and onto your smiling face.
I wish I had taken a picture.

That entire day feels like a dream,
did it really happen, I question?

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day 15


I don’t think I could write a poem as lovely as tree,
I’m not particularly talented in the art of putting words together.

You see, I can’t even rhyme this stinking poem,
It’s a useless waste of time.

I wish I could write a poem as lovely as a tree,
But it doesn’t seem possible.

I’m even more of a fool than the poet
who originally asserted that God can only make trees.

Maybe some day, some miracle will happen
and I’ll be able to write poems more effectively.